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Busó Festival : On a Sunday of the Carnival

The Busós are a people of Sokatz origin, Slav people, who lived in Hungary during the period of Turkish invasion had decided one night to reoccupy their town of Mohács. They dressed up in their traditional costumes of animal skin and masques and appeared from the swamps where they were hiding. Making a lot of noise they entered the town...According to the legend, the Turks were so much terrified by these creatures that they immediately left the town

The Sunday of the carneval Busójárás, our national  heritage, part of the ’UNESCO heritage this year takes place 02th March. We invite you to experience this tradition!





Budapest Full day tours


Visit of Buda and Pest Center

(Option A)


A rivate car with your personal guide will meet you at the hotel. To give you a really memorable first impression of the capital, we will first take you to Buda side of the River Danube, up to the Castle Hill , from where you can have a most stunning view of the whole city. Reaching the foot of the hill, you will take a unique means of transport, the funicular dating from 1868. In the Castle District, a world heritage site , you will enjoy a short walk along the medivial streets to the formal Royal Palace , now home to many museums.

We guide you around the National Gallery, to show its collection of paintings and sculptures of Hungarian Artists mainly from the 19th century. You will also visit, the Matthias Church, our most popular church, which was continuously reconstructed during the centuries. It was first started in the 13th c. and its current form recalls the style of the Renaissance King Matthias - 15th century. It is surrounded by the Fishermen's Bastion , erected at the turn of the century to commemorate the settlement of the Hungarian tribes (1896). Lunch will be served in Rivalda Restaurant , near the church.

After lunch you will have another short walk to see Magdalena Tower, built in the 13th c. and pulled down by the communist regime leaving just its tower intact. Then your guide will drive you to Gellért Hill. From there you can have another fantastic view of the city, including the castle as well. From the hill you will go to Pest side by crossing the river. The guide will first drive you to St. Stephen's Basilica, named after our first king. The building was completed in 1905 in Renaissance revival style. From there we will walk to the most remarkable building of the Hungarian Parliament, designed partly in Gothic revival style. In the area you can find some excellent examples of Art Nouveau architecture. In one of these houses you will visit the House of Art Nouveau a collection of furniture and art objects of the period.

You can spend the rest of the day walking in the pedestrian area then have a nice meal in one of the many restaurants.


Visit of Pest


After breakfast your guide picks you up at the hotel. We would like to show you the flat, Pest side of the city, with numerous places of interest. We start the day by visiting the Parliament inside. After a 45-minute guided tour, we will drive you along Andrássy Avenue to Heroes' Square. It was built in 1896 for the 1000th anniversary of the settlement of the first Hungarian tribes in 896.

On our way along Andrássy Avenue we will pass by the Hungarian State Opera House, built in the 19th century and some other splendid villas. You can also find the House of Terrors, located in the former headquarters of the secret police ( kind of local KGB), the Liszt Museum in the former apartment of the great composer and the recently opened Gold Museum with a private collection. Arriving at Heroes' Square you will visit the statues of the monument which show our most prominent kings, rulers and Hungarians from 9th to the 19th century. Behind the square is the Vajdahunyad Castle, which demonstrates our country's most remarkable examples of architecture of different periods built for the Millenium feast in 1896.

It will be time for lunch in the Restaurant Robinson overlooking the Lake. Within a short walking distance you can find the Széchenyi Bath . This is only one example of the many wonderful spas found in the country of thermal waters.

From Heroes' Square you and your guide will take Europe's first electric underground, also completed for the Millenium celebrations in 1896. The train runs under Andrássy Avenue and it is the quickest way to travel back to the House of Terrors. Visiting this most unique museum, located in the former headquarters of the secret police you will get an idea of the horror of 40 years of communism. You will continue your way by the underground to Váci utca , our well-known shopping street and the pedestrian area of downtown. This is where you will treat yourself to a delicious cake and coffee in the famous Café Gerbeaud, founded in the 19th century.

After a little rest here, you will walk along Váci street as far as the Central Market Hall, a unique place for a fruit and vegetable market (including other shops and restaurants).Here you have the opportunity to buy some Hungarian food specialities if you wish. If you visit the National Museum , 10 minutes walk from the market, you can learn about the history of Hungary and the Hungarians from pre-historic times to the end of the 20th century. It's another short walk to the Synagoge, which is the largest in whole Europe and second largest in the world. Until 1921 since its construction in 1858 it was the largest in the world with a capacity of more than 3000 people.

After this long day your guide will take you back to the hotel or to a restaurant to have a quiet meal or to enjoy a folklore show of typical Hungarian dances and music. We can recommend you a wonderful folklore dinner in the Nostalgia Restaurant.



The pearl of the Danube

(Option B)


Guided tour of 1 day (8 hrs) with English speaking private guide, lunch included

9h: Meeting at hotel with the guide, city tour of capital

Morning, the visit of Pest: Andrássy Avenue, Heroes Square and the Vajdahunyad Castle, Széchényi bath (outside), Synagogue and the Gozdu Court, National Opérahouse  (outside), Váci street pedestrian area, Main Market Hall, Downtown Parish Church with 3 different stlyes of construction inside, Vorosmarty square with the café Gerbaud, Dunacorso.

Lunch  at the House of Rétes (Hungarian speciality). Saint Stephan Basilica, Parliement of Hungary (around 3pm if I can make the reservation, visit of the inside).

Afternoon visit of Buda: go through Marguerite Bridge, up to Buda Castle Hill, Matthias Church and Fishermen Bastion, the court of the Royal Palace - which is a paintings museum today. Refrechment of end of visit at around 5pm.


Welcome to Budapest

2 days trip

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, with a hilly Buda side and a flat Pest side, divided by the river Danube. The Buda side used to be the Royal Residence, thus today keeping its residential aspect, the Pest side got developed step by step form the XVIIIth century, and it is the center of life today too. The beautiful monuments, the smile of the inhabitants, the fine cuisine and the good wine will make the trip memorable for all visitors.


1st day - Arrival and chek in at the Hotel.

Hotels available in the proposition:

The  Novotel Budapest Palace****  is a hotel in the center of the capital, at same distance from the pedestrian area than from Heroes’ Square. The hotel has been built in Hungarian Art Nouveau style in the beginning of20 century, and has kept its look ever since, but matched with the comfort level required in the 19th century. The hotel has 227 rooms with air conditioning, and free wi-fi and own restaurant.

The hotel has its own restaurant, in art nouveau style. The diner can be held in the Restaurant, served or buffet diner. The cook has won several medals, they are serving Hungarian and international cuisine as well.


Hotel Central Basilica **** in the Hungarian capital welcomes its guest in the heart of Budapest, next to the Basilica. Located in a historical environment the Hotel offers a restful stay. It does not have any restaurant, only a breakfast room. No bus parking.

The building has been operating as Hotel Central Basilica since 2007.


La Prima Fashion Hotel Budapest**** It is a modern hotel right in the pedestrian Vaci street area at the Elisabeth bridge. No bus parking at the hotel, but further on Heroes’square. The hotel has 80 rooms with breakfast dining room, but for a group they can organize diner in the hotel up to 30 people.


Zara Continental Hotel Budapest**** is located slightliy further of the pedestrian area, in the district of the Dohany Synagogue. Built in the historical building of an restored bath, it keeps its style of secession from the 19th century for the hall and the lounge area. It has today all facilities for a comfortable stay, with nice rooms, conference rooms, own restaurant and a wellness area with swimming pools on the roof, giving a nice view on the dome of the Parliament, and of the Basilica. There is one-place bus parking of the hotel in the street in front of the hotel.


It is served in the hotel in case of NovetelPalace or of Zara Continental or we can organise it in Rétesház Restaurant, at 5 minutes from the Basilica hotel and 15 minutes from Fashion hotel.

Rétesház Restaurant is a traditional but not folkloric restaurant, where on the menu we would show you how this rétes pastry is prepared in 5 minutes, how it is filled, and it will be served as your sour entry and sweet desert at the end of meal.

Free rest of the evening and get back to hotel individually.


2nd day - Budapest sightseeing

In the morning: Budapest sightseeing of 2 hours on foot, then with the Riverride bus: a bus that goes on the ground with live guiding showing the Budapest monuments in Buda and Pest, and then, goes in the Danube and becomes a boat, and shows the sights seen from water. Then, pedestrian guided sightseeing in the city center for and hour, in Croatian language.

Or with your own coach, Budapest 2 hours sightseeing with croatian speaking guide.

1 hour short jump to Szentendre near Budapest

With own coach short visit of Szentendre with coratian guide. The villages exists since the 11th century, but its inhabitants since the 17th century are Serbs, Croats and Dalmants, who came to flee the Turkish occupation, and finally stayed here. It is the center of the Orthodox of Central Europe.

Free time for the rest of the afternoon.


Propositions for the free afternoon:



Built in 1884+-1902, it is one of the most beautiful Parliements of the worls. The building is 268m long and 96m height, to comaemorate the date of the coming of Hungarian Tribes to the Carpatian basin for the Conquest of the new homeland in 896. The main entrance is guarded by lions and 96 stairs lead to the dome, where the holy crown is kept since year 2000.


Hungarian State Opera House

It has opened in 1884, and it is performing nearly every evening another piece, than to its stage as large as the audience hall. It has magnificent wall paintings and decoration.


Boat trip

If the sightseeing was held with own coach and not the Riverride, then boat trip is also a nice program for the afternoon, to see Budapest from the Danube.



Walk around Vaci street pedestrian area and Dunacorso

For shopping, there is no better place than the Vaci street and the Andrassy Avenue.


Evening program


Nosztalgia Restaurant (classical style)

The restaurant is near the Basilika, and reflects the style of the turning of 19th-20th century. The ambiance of the place and the dresses of waiters all make us fly back in time. There is a gipsy orchestra playin gall evening, and a csardas performance show of 15-20 minutes.

Kaltenberg Restaurant (cellar brewery style)

The restaurant is situated in a cellar, where Kaltenberg beer and hungarian wines are also served. The mood of the place is decontracted, with a gipsy orchestra playing the whole evening, and a 20 minutes hungarian dances performance show.


3rd day

Check out and departure after breakfast. Have a nice trip and welcome back anytime you wish!












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