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Busó Festival : On a Sunday of the Carnival

The Busós are a people of Sokatz origin, Slav people, who lived in Hungary during the period of Turkish invasion had decided one night to reoccupy their town of Mohács. They dressed up in their traditional costumes of animal skin and masques and appeared from the swamps where they were hiding. Making a lot of noise they entered the town...According to the legend, the Turks were so much terrified by these creatures that they immediately left the town

The Sunday of the carneval Busójárás, our national  heritage, part of the ’UNESCO heritage this year takes place 02th March. We invite you to experience this tradition!







Conference with Budapest sightseeing through the selection of meeting places

Exemple on 3 days


(City tour via the places of the conferences, at major sight of Budapest)


When you come for business, you might not have time to visit the capital… but Pannonvoyage offers you to combine both in the same time: The conference is held on different places during the 2 or 3 days, in different areas of the capital neighboring major sights. Thus, the attendants can visit Budapest while going on foot to the conference place (accompanied by professional tour guides), and feel the atmosphere of the city also during lunch and dinner. Distance between hotel and conference place 2 to 20 minutes.


Day 1

Arrival to the Liszt Ferenc Airport, welcome by hostesses with company board / name board. Transfer with private VIP cars or buses to hotel. There, Budapest map, badge, conference pack is given to all newcomer.

Hotel Corvinus Kempinski*****

The Kempinski hotel is member of the Leading Hotels in the World, and is situated in the down-town of Pest next to the pedestrian area. The hotel has 335 rooms with 31 suites, with a very polite and well prepared personnel, with restaurant and spa. Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Margaret Thatcher choose this hotel for accommodation when they came to Budapest.


First destination: the hill of Buda Castle

From Kempinski hotel, crossing the Danube through the Chain bridge, you arrive to the Funicular, built in 1868, and still functioning today in its original form. The nice walk takes about 15 minutes, tour guides explain the main views (1 guide / 12-15 pax maximum). Going up with Funicular to Castle District, walk through the medieval-like streets until the Restaurant Halászbástya - Fishermen Bastion.


Lunch at Restaurant Halászbástya

The name of the Fisherman Bastion come from the fact, that it used to be up to the Fishermen to defend this part of the BudaCastle in case of attack. There are 7 towers, and in one of them, the restaurant is operating.

The Fishermen Bastion Restaurant has a beautiful view on the Danube, it can receive up to 65 people comfortably, with aperitif on the terrace and lunch inside the air-conditioned restaurant. It has a very fine cuisine, both Hungarian and European taste.


First conférence at the Hungarian Military Institute and Museum

The Institute belongs to the Defense Ministry, and is a classicist style building from 1847, which served originally as elegant barrack, with a honor room and a honor garden. Today, the honor room is still a beautiful place, ideal for conferences, measuring 303m2 ( 80 people comfortably with translator cabins). It is decorated with a golden prize painting from 1900 (won at the Word Exhibition of Paris), representing the Hussars, and it has red marble walls. The honor Garden is next to it, with 19th century military commemoration (canon, generals’ statues) and a natural well with fresh drinkable water. And ideal place for coffee break if the weather is nice. In case of rain, the Nador room gives the place for coffee break.

After the Conference, and back to the Hotel. Facultative program until dinner: Szechenyi bath.


The Szechenyi Bath

Hungary is land of hot springs, and the bathing culture is very present in the every-day life of Hungarians. It has to be experienced if the time allows it. The Szechenyi bath is a big complex with 12 internal and 3 external pools, with curative water and swimming pool, temperature going from 26°C to 40°C. The building itself dates from the beginning of the 20th century, and has not been changed since, only for restoration of its state.


First dinner at the Academy of Scineces facing the Danube

The Academy of Sciences is the place where the Academicians meet. Its restaurant is a very precious place, where the visitor cannot enter easily if just on tourism in Budapest.

A fine dinner with Hungarian gipsy music, by a Quartet issued from the Conservatorium, will make a pleasant welcome evening.


Back to hotel on foot, via the illuminated Basilica   Square.


Day 2


Morning conference for up to 100 people

"Repetitio est Mater Studiorum"

Hungary has founded the second university in Europe int he 15th century, but only the Pazmany Peter university of the 17th century remains today as well existant. It has many faculties in different branches: law, theology, natural sciences, letter. The building of the university of law dates from the 18th century, and has a magnificient room of honor, for larger conferences in summer time or week-end, when students are out of university. Its distance from Kempinski hotel is 12 minutes.


Lunch at Restaurant Centrál Café

The café opened its doors to clients seeking intellectual exchange, in 1887, and has kept its ambiance of the time ever since. Good beer and good cuisine with nice environment and personnel is still making it one of the most favourite cafés of Budapest. It is situated at 3 minutes on foot of the University.

For smaller break out cessions of the day, or the afternoon, many different places can be chosen.


Our offers below present at least 3 different rooms of 15 to 30 people each, depending of size of rooms, with individual entrance (no trespassing through one another)


Wenkheim Palace

The Wenkheim family had many palaces through Hungary, the most beautiful one in Pest, int the Palace District. The Palace has been taken by the State Authorities during the communist time, and transformed to library for its utility. But the interior is kept just like originally: beautiful rooms with different sizes, ideal for break out cessions (small ball-rrom, big ball-room, reception-room, old library), or an elegant dinner.


Csekonics Palace

The Csekonich family built their residence not far from the WenkheimPalace, with beautiful wooden sculptures int he main entrance and in the balcony room. The building belongs today to the Parliement, and is the place for giving honor crosses. 4 different sizes of rooms are ideal for break out cessions. A small garden is an ideal place for coffee break.


Gerbeaud House

The Gerbeaud family came to Hungary from Geneva (Switzerland) for beeing associated to a well-know confectionneur Mr Kugler. The french family soon made a revolution in cakes and ice-creams, and the Gerbeaud café still today is a legendary place not to miss while in Budapest. At the first floor of the Gerbeaud house in the former residence, conference rooms are available, of different sizes. The coffee break will be at the Gerbeaud Café…


After the hard work, some free time: resting or shopping in the city center. Discovery of the Vaci pedestrian street.


Gala Dinner at Fine Arts Museum, via privatized millennium metro.

The first metro of the continent runs under the Andrassy avenue, matching the Gerbeaud Café with the Heroes’ Square and Fine Arts Museum since 1896. The metro can be privatized to reach the gala dinner place: The Budapest Fine Arts Museum.


Gala Dinner At Fine Arts Museum on Heroes’ Square

The Square was built for the World Exhibition on 1896 organized for the 1000 years’ anniversary of the conquest of the new homeland by the Hungarians, coming from the Ural in 896. It has become a central place for the world exhibition, with major kings’ statues, the holy crown held by Archangel Gabriel, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

The Fine Arts Museum of Budapest has today a very rich and valuable collection of Italian, French, Spanish, Flemish painters. The main collection is on first floor, which can be visited on a private guided tour in 35 minutes just reaching the main paintings. Then, in the Renaissance and the Baroque rooms of the museum, aperitif and Gala dinner will be offered. The peak of the evening can be an 18 members’ orchestra and 6 ballet dancers’ performance in 20 minutes, showing the spirit of Hungarians through airs and dances: Liszt, Bartok, Beethoven, Monti and Strauss all have been touched by the Hungarian Spirit.


Way back with the privatized millennium metro, hostesses accompany the group to Kempinski Hotel.



Day 3


The former Supreme Court, today Museum of Etnography

At the construction of the Parliement of Hungary, a construction contest was organized. The most beautiful exemple of the plans became the Parliement of Hungary. But the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Agriculture, some very important buildings of political life and symbols of separate functionning from Vienna, were built on the same square,

At 16 minutes from the Kempinski hotel, the Kossuth Square offers a beautiful place for ending the meetings in the honor room of the former Supreme Court. Its balcony faces the ParliementBuilding.


Lunch at Lotz Café or Callas Café

On foot, 15 minutes from the Parliament via the Liberty Square where the Embassy of United States stands, and passing next to the statue of General Harry Hill Bandholz, who rescued treasures of the National Museum from the rubbers aftre the WWI in 1919, we reach the State Opera House, and next to it, the Café Callas / or after it the Café Lotz. Ideal places for the lunch of ending.


Back to Hotel Kempinski, departures of free evening.


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