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Busó Festival : On a Sunday of the Carnival

The Busós are a people of Sokatz origin, Slav people, who lived in Hungary during the period of Turkish invasion had decided one night to reoccupy their town of Mohács. They dressed up in their traditional costumes of animal skin and masques and appeared from the swamps where they were hiding. Making a lot of noise they entered the town...According to the legend, the Turks were so much terrified by these creatures that they immediately left the town

The Sunday of the carneval Busójárás, our national  heritage, part of the ’UNESCO heritage this year takes place 02th March. We invite you to experience this tradition!





Pannonvoyage, Hungary as you dream about it


Pannonvoyage, incoming travel agency with friendly multi-lingual staff, is committed to creating high- standard tours, tailor-made for groups and private clients with special attention to its customers' requirements.

For private clients: Each tour is arranged individually according to the needs, budget and interest of the customer. For companies: Pannonvoyage has also experience in organising incentive tours and conferences with some special features. We are determined to make the event truly memorable by careful selection of the ideal venue and by providing a relaxing but useful way of spending your free time. Our service is based on attention to detail, flexibility and enthusiasm.

Pannonvoyage provides safe travel at competitive prices.

Aniko Dalos, the owner and director of the agency, tells us about programs at less than 2 hours drive from Budapest: “We offer you suggested itineraries but also complete flexibility. You can choose when and where you want to go according to our suggestions, and we plan the trip for you.

Pannonvoyage is committed to making people from other countries learn about our heritage and greatest cultural treasures. One of my favourite places is the Palace of Sisi in Gödöllő, the Queen from whom I am a great admirer. But there are a lot more to discover, beyond the main streams: From visiting the traditional shoe maker of the Papucs of Szeged, passing through the manufacture of busó masks and the paprika museum, you can witness with us birds in Hortobágy or travel with the pioneer’s children railway. For companies, we offer special moments to live, which forge together the employees on a memorable stay: become a monk in a monastery and prepare herb infusions and wine, or take part to a movie shooting as Attila the Hun, or even better: spend a week-end on a Csikós farm with horses, grey ox, and Csarda Party. And let’s not forget about the largest lake of Europe, the Balaton, where we offer to you sailing program or for the bravest, to take part to a competition.

We are very keen on organizing conferences in special places, or gala dinners, like the Academy of Science or the Parliament of Hungary. Elegance, high quality, reliability and client satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our success.”
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